The cultural center "Ebraeli" is a unique space created to preserve the distinctiveness of Georgian Jews and to disseminate knowledge about the Torah and Jewish traditions in various countries.

Chief Rabbi Avraam Elashvili
Our center is a warm and cozy space for worshipers who open their hearts to the study and understanding of the laws of Judaism. It's a place where everyone can find a connection with God, with their people, and with their fellow countrymen. Here, destinies are intertwined, good deeds are performed, and redemption is brought closer.

The cultural center "Ebraeli" is open in different countries and serves as a socio-cultural haven for Georgian Jews.

In Russia, the Center operates under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi of Georgian Jews, Avraham Elashvili.
Our main mission is to contribute to the preservation of the distinctiveness of Georgian Jews, disseminate knowledge about the Torah and traditions, and engage worshipers in the cultural values of the Jewish people.

The center serves as a gathering point for individuals with shared roots, values, interests, and perspectives. The community offers a wide range of lessons and events for people of all ages. Men, women, children, couples, and the elderly can find answers to important questions, learn to read and understand the Holy Scriptures, observe traditions, discover key milestones in the history of the Jewish people, and celebrate major national holidays together.
  • Programs for Men
    Revival of Sephardic Traditions and Observance of Jewish Laws
  • Programs for Women
    Bringing Women Together Based on Faith, Cultural Traditions, Art, and National Cuisine
  • Youth Programs
    Engaging Youth in Our Ancestral Cultural Values, Fostering Family Values, and Upholding Matchmaking Traditions
  • Programs for Children
    Nurturing and Developing Children in the Traditional Jewish Spirit
  • Secular Cultural Programs
    Illuminating the Cultural Heritage of Global Georgian Jews
  • Information Activities
    Maintaining Connection and Attracting New Members of the Diaspora
Ebraeli Cultural Center.
Moscow, 6 Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, Building 3, 4th Floor.
8 (985) 034-13-13
Cultural Center "Ebraeli". 2023
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Moscow, Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, Building 6, Structure 3, 4th floor.

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